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04 Apr
Zeus Repairs and Service

Zeus Repairs and Service Pod removed and inspection of underside of mid section plate Customer neglect and lack of maintenance causing corrosion issues and sea failures Devcon Ceramic coating applied to prevent further damages Lack of boat use and maintenance causing lube leakage and drive pod damages, No protective anodes...

04 Apr
The Good Book

I’m not talking about the bible here, but it may save you someday. Just about every boat or engine package comes with an owners/operators manual. You know the one….it’s in the large Ziploc bag under your life jackets and flares in the storage beneath your seat. You look at it...

04 Apr
Why not get informed?

This past fall of 2015 we celebrated 10 years as a company at Oceanos Marine Solutions Ltd.. As we have grown over the years and dealt with numerous customers we noticed a common theme. Our customers have questions on everything related to their boats. We also noted a lot of...